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Pine Martens & Red Squirrels

Pine martens and red squirrels are protected and only sourced from road casualties or cat attacks. The sporrans come with a license from the Scottish National Heritage for selling the item, not for owning it. The pine martens can vary in size and colour due to the age of the animal and the season of the coat. Pine marten numbers have grown greatly in the past 10 years in the Highlands area. They make a very wearable size sporran and it is a pleasure to be able to preserve their natural beauty.

The Red squirrel is only big enough to make a childs size sporran.


Pine Marten - Winter Coat


Red Squirrel

Pine Marten (summer coat) Sporran

Pine Marten Sporran

Pine Marten (winter coat) Sporran

Pine Marten Sporran

Red Squirrel Sporran

Pine marten sporran with brass cantle.

Children's red squirrel with leather flap.

Full mask pine marten with paws.

Full mask pine marten sporran.

Pine marten with silver cantle.

Pine marten with winter coat.

Red Squirrel

Children's full mask red squirrel sporran.

Pine marten sporran, winter coat.

Pine marten sporran.

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