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Deer & Sheep

All the native deer skins are sourced locally from the game industry, which otherwise would be thrown away. The best skins to use are the roe, fallow and sika in the their summer coats, which are softer and better colours. Winter coats can become brittle. Previous customers have sent ready tanned skins from America and Africa to be made up into sporrans, of all shapes and sizes. 

The jacob sheep are a fun skin to use - these are farmed locally in Beauly. 

The traditional wild goat skins, which were popular in the past are now hard to source as the old billy goat has a very pungent smell, which is tricky to get rid of.

IMG_2145 2

Fallow Deer

jacob sheep

Jacob Sheep


Sheep Repair


Jacob Sheep


Roe Deer


Roe Deer Sporran

Reindeer Sporran

Springbok sporran with pewter cantle.

Tahr Goat Sporran

Muntjac Sporran

White goat (domestic) sporran with horn toggle.

Fallow deer sporran with pewter cantle.

Sika deer sporran with horn toggle.

Roe deer sporran with horn toggle.

Roe deer full mask sporran with horn toggle.

Impala sporran with tail and silver cantle.

Jacob sheep sporran with pewter cantle.

Roe deer sporrans with tassles.

Full mask roe deer sporran with antlers.

Jacob sheep sporran with horn toggle.

Full mask roe deer sporran (no antlers).

Roe deer sporran with pewter stag cantle.

Fallow deer sporran.

Roe Deer Sporran

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